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Find the Best Awnings in Lansing, MI

Putting an awning over a deck, patio, window or door has many benefits. When choosing an awning company, look for the ability to customize shape, size, material, color and pattern. We researched the best awnings in Lansing for your home or business.

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How to choose an awning in Lansing

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Travel through different areas of Lansing, including Old Town and South Lansing, and you’ll see back patio awnings, deck awnings, window awnings and front door awnings at houses or commercial properties. Awnings don’t just look good — they have other benefits:

  • Additional shaded space to relax, entertain or have customers
  • Protection from the sun for your skin, furniture and floors
  • Savings on energy costs
  • Increased value for your property

When choosing an awning in Lansing, search for an awning company with satisfied customers. Read reviews, and ask people you know if they have recommendations.

Most awning companies in Lansing provide free in-home consultations to discuss products, answer questions and give an estimate. Set up meetings with several awning companies in Lansing to ask these questions:

  • How many years has the awning company been in business?
  • What types of awnings are available?
  • Can you customize an awning?
  • How are awnings built to withstand Lansing’s weather?
  • How much does an awning cost? Is there a guaranteed estimate?
  • Are financing options available?
  • Do you install the awning yourself? Does the awning company offer professional installation?
  • What is the awning warranty?

Types of awnings

Awnings come in different combinations of operation, material, size, shape, color and pattern. They can go over a deck, patio, porch, window, door or carport.

Where your awning is located will help you decide if you want a stationary or retractable awning. Stationary awnings are fixed in place. They are sturdy and durable and may stay out year-round, even during harsh Lansing winters. Retractable awnings, commonly put over decks or patios, can open and close — either by motor and remote control or by manually cranking. There are also portable awnings, which are free-standing.

Awnings in Lansing are made of different materials: either a type of metal or fabric. Metal awnings, often constructed from aluminum, are strong, long-lasting and a good choice for a stationary awning. Fabric awnings, constructed from vinyl, acrylic or canvas, are normally UV-resistant, water-resistant or waterproof and highly customizable. Retractable awnings are usually made with fabric.

Awning installation in Lansing

Depending on the awning, you may be able to install it yourself using directions from the manufacturer. Some awning companies include installation with purchase. Others may offer professional installation but charge extra.

Make sure to check with the City of Lansing whether a permit is required to install an awning in Lansing. If you do get professional installation, use a licensed and insured contractor. Michigan’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has tips for choosing a contractor, including how to verify a license.

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