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Find the Best Cable Companies and Satellite TV Providers in Lansing, MI

Home entertainment is constantly changing, and television providers are offering more options and content than ever. It’s essential to get the best value for your money, reliable service and helpful customer support. We researched the best cable companies and satellite TV providers in Lansing to help find the best deals for extensive programming and useful features.

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Mediacom Cable
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Customized services to fit your needs
  • Committed to bringing smaller regions the best technology available
  • 2 cable plans available
  • 30+ sports plans available

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  • DIRECTV starts at $35/month
  • Packages begin with 155+ live & local channels
  • Watch live/recorded shows on up to 4 TVs at the same time
  • Up to 550+ channels with U-verse
5409 W. Saginaw Hwy.
Lansing, MI 48917
(517) 327-8557
  • Plan starts at $39.99/mo.
  • Up to 200+ channels
  • Find shows fast with the X1 Voice Remote
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
2911 Preyde Blvd.
Lansing, MI 48912
(800) 266-2278
  • Starts at $44.99/month
  • 200+ channels available
  • Free HD & Primetime On Demand
  • Self install kits available
5815 Bay Rd.
Saginaw, MI 48604
(866) 874-2389
  • Open 24 hours
  • golightspeed.com
737 Filley St., Ste. C
Lansing, MI 48906
(517) 492-9000
  • M-Sun: 8am - 1am
  • dish.com
1340 S. Waverly Rd.
Lansing, MI 48917
(855) 405-7517
  • M-F: 9am - 5pm
  • Closed Sat and Sun
  • wowway.com
380 Wright Industrial Pkwy.
Potterville, MI 48876
(800) 444-6997
Frontier Communications
  • Hours not available
  • frontier.com
530 W. Allegan St.
Lansing, MI 48933
(517) 484-2286
  • Open 24 hours
  • buyrcn.com
Serves residents
Lansing, MI
(855) 761-1000
LakeNet LLC
  • M: 12pm - 5pm
  • T-W: 9am - 1pm
  • Th: 12pm - 5pm
  • F: 8am - 10am
136 W. Saginaw St.
Hemlock, MI 48626
(989) 643-5819

Choosing a cable company or satellite TV provider in Lansing


Cable and satellite TV providers in Lansing are competing for your business. Those who live in rural areas may have fewer options, but you’ll likely have multiple companies that provide television service. When comparing businesses, consider:

  • Channel availability: Think of what channels you consider a priority based on what type of shows you enjoy watching. Satellite and cable TV providers select their own channel lineups, and not all companies offer the same networks. There may also be additional costs for premium channels.
  • Contracts: Many services require you to sign a contract, although some offer month-to-month subscriptions. Check the length of the contract and ask if the price remains the same or increases after an introductory period. Be prepared for a long-term commitment if you want the lowest monthly rates.
  • Reliability: Check reviews from Lansing customers to see if a company has a history of reliability and restoring service quickly after outages. Satellite TV may experience weather-related interruptions, especially when snow is falling in the winter.
  • Service bundling: Satellite and cable TV companies that also provide phone and internet packages usually offer discounts if you sign up for those services along with a television subscription. Bundling these deals is the most cost-efficient option if you’re already paying for phone or internet service.

Types of cable and satellite TV

Companies offer a couple of different types of channel packages to Lansing customers searching for cable TV or satellite TV.

  • Basic cable includes channels required by the Federal Communications Commission, which mostly includes local and national broadcast channels.
  • Premium channel packages offer an extensive variety of channels and can sometimes be customized with a la carte channels and features. These packages have HD options for improved picture quality.
  • Internet-based television services

    Internet-based television services are becoming increasingly popular. Some cable and satellite providers offer TV on the go by using an app, and a few companies specialize in providing television content through the internet. Services such as DIRECTVNOW, YouTube TV and Sling TV offer live programming services, while companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video allow on-demand access to a library of shows and movies.

    Internet-based television providers in Lansing generally offer month-to-month subscriptions without requiring a long-term contract. To access the service on your TV, you must have a smart TV or a compatible device, such as an Amazon Fire TV or Roku. Fast, reliable internet service is also required for HD quality.

    Cable vs. satellite TV

    With the many options available in Lansing, it can be difficult to choose which television service is right for you. It’s helpful to know more about each type before making a final decision.

    Package Channels/content Picture quality Equipment
    Basic cable TV Has the fewest number of channel options HD quality is not always available and may cost extra Generally requires a cable box and equipment fees
    Premium cable TV Channels are based on providers and selected packages Varies based on provider and TV Generally requires a cable box and equipment fees
    Satellite TV Channels are based on providers and selected packages Typically provides best picture quality Requires south-facing satellite dish to be installed
    Internet-based services Channels are based on providers and selected packages Picture quality varies depending on internet speed and reliability Requires internet service and compatible devices

    How much does cable and satellite TV cost in Lansing?

    The average cost of cable or satellite TV is between $85 and $100, but prices vary depending on how many channels and additional features you receive. Basic cable packages cost between $25 and $30, but premium packages with movie channels installed on multiple televisions can run up to $150 or more.

    Satellite TV service typically costs less per channel than cable TV, but most satellite providers require a one- or two-year contract. In Lansing, DISH has plans that cost between $59.99 and $89.99 with a price-lock guarantee on a two-year contract. DIRECTV plans cost between $35 and $60 on the first year of a two-year contract, but prices increase dramatically in the second year.

    Satellite and cable TV companies in Lansing may charge an installation cost of up to $200, but many businesses waive this fee with promotional offers. Be sure to ask if the company has any current promotions before signing a contract. Companies may also charge an equipment rental fee between $5 and $15 per device each month.

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    Mediacom Cable

    Mediacom provides cable, internet and phone services to Lansing residents. The company also offers its Xtream platform, which integrates cable and internet services. The company’s TV Everywhere app allows you to watch television on the go. Lansing customers appreciate the bundling discounts and 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

    Mediacom Cable Learn More (800) 479-2082