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Find the Best Hot Tubs in Lansing, MI

In Lansing, everyone dreams of having something to warm them up in the harsh winter and soothe their aches in the summer. Nothing fits that description better than a hot tub. A hot tub can provide recreational and therapeutic benefits, but it’s important to understand what’s available before making a purchase. We researched the best hot tubs in Lansing to help find the perfect one for you.

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How to choose a hot tub in Lansing

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There are two main types of above-ground hot tubs: traditional hot tubs that can be used for recreation or therapy and swim spas that provide seating along with a small area that allows you to swim in place. One way to think of a swim spa is as a space saver for someone who would like to use a pool for exercise.

Hot tub Swim spa
  • Creates a place for personal and social relaxation
  • Ideal for sore muscles, minor injuries and muscle aches
  • Provides stress relief and mental benefits
  • Provides a seating area as well as a small swim area
  • Can be used socially for multiple people
  • Ideal for exercise activities, workouts and physical therapy

Once you’ve decided between the two options, you’ll want to look deeper into the features available in Lansing for hot tubs. Models can vary in materials, seating arrangements and massage jet options, and what works best for you may depend on how you intend to use your new hot tub. A hot tub that will be used mostly for recreation will need to seat more people, and one intended for therapy may need special massage jets.

Here are a few things to consider as you shop for hot tubs available in Lansing:

Pricing Size and features will determine the price range, but a quality hot tub will generally cost between $2,000 to more than $15,000.
Material options Hot tub shells made of vinyl are cheaper but easily damaged and energy inefficient. Rotomolded plastic is more durable but may have difficulty retaining heat. Acrylic is durable and energy efficient, but it is also expensive. Foam insulation will help hold water heat during Lansing’s winters.
Seating Find a hot tub with the number of seats and jet placement appropriate for your needs.
Jet options More is not always better. The best jets are full-size, adjustable and upgradable. Hot tubs with around 50 or more jets require pumps that need more power.
Warranty All products should be covered by a manufacturer warranty. Compare the warranty on different products and pay attention to the length and extent of coverage.
Installation Unless you have experience, attempting to install a hot tub yourself will likely create problems. Purchasing your hot tub from a dealer that provides installation and delivery service makes the process easier and protects your new purchase. Installation usually costs between $150 and $500.

Installing and maintaining your hot tub

You’re required to obtain a permit for hot tubs that are more than 24 inches deep in Michigan, but individual townships such as Eaton County, Delta Township or East Lansing may have additional requirements. Many hot tubs work with a standard 120-volt outlet, but larger hot tubs may require hiring a licensed electrician to install a 240-volt outlet. If you do, areas such as Meridian Township may require an electrical inspection.

Above-ground hot tubs rarely require any plumbing modifications to your home. Most are filled with a garden hose and only need to be occasionally drained and refilled.

Your hot tub dealer may offer maintenance service for your hot tub, but you can also choose to do the maintenance yourself. If you decide to perform your own maintenance, ask your dealer for tips and check to see if they offer free water testing.

Hot Tubs Reviews

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ThermoSpas is a leading hot tub provider that offers several fully customizable models. The company sells directly to customers and provides free on-site inspections. Lansing customers love the models, especially the Aquacisor swim spa. However, some customers have stated that ThermoSpas uses high-pressure sales tactics.

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Master Spas

Master Spas is the largest swim spa manufacturer in the world and is endorsed by swimming legend Michael Phelps. Some hot tub models offer a patented, biomagnetic therapy system. Lansing owners appreciate the quality of their MasterSpa hot tubs, and most reviewers highly recommend them.

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Lifestyles Hot Tubs

Lifestyles Hot Tubs offers a full line of swim spas, hot tubs and accessories in brick-and-mortar establishments in multiple Michigan locations. Lansing customers enjoy the company’s products and knowledgeable staff, but some people report high-pressure sales tactics.

Lifestyles Hot Tubs

Hotwater Works

Hotwater Works has a huge Lansing showroom with many brands and models for sale. The company prides itself on having a friendly and knowledgeable sales staff. Lansing area customers recommend Hotwater Works for providing superior customer service and pairing customers with ideal products.

Hotwater Works