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Find the Best Medical Alert Systems in Lansing, MI

Medical alert systems contact trained, life-saving professionals from our fingertips. Whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, it’s essential to understand the different features of these products. We researched the best medical alert systems in Lansing to make sure you receive medical attention when it’s needed most.

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Medical Guardian
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Lansing
  • Service for seniors on-the-go
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No long-term contracts

Help when you need it!

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Medical Alert
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Lansing
  • Starting at $19.95/mo
  • Free activation
  • Stays on the line until help arrives

In-home systems cost $27.95 to $37.95 per month; mobile systems start at $47.95 per month. Upfront programming fee is $79. Auto fall detection and mobile app available. 30-day money-back guarantee.

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  • Available in Lansing
  • Lifetime subscriber price guarantee
  • 1300 foot equipment range
  • 30-day money back guarantee

No upfront equipment cost. In-home systems start at $24.95 per month; on-the-go systems start between $36.95 and $45.95 per month. Optional fall detection and caregiver app. Smart watch devices available.

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Philips Lifeline
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Response associates available 24/7
  • 12-second average answer time
  • Lifeline-owned response center in North America
  • Pay month-to-month, no long-term contract

In-home systems cost $29.95 to $58.95 per month; mobile systems start at $49.95 per month. Upfront fees range from $79 to $99.95. Automatic fall detection and caregiver tools available.

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Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Lansing
  • Starting at $29.95/mo
  • No long-term contracts
  • FDA registered company

In-home systems start between $19.95 and $54.95 per month; mobile systems start between $39.95 and $41.95 per month. No equipment costs or activation fees. Optional fall detection, waterproof wall buttons and lockboxes.

Learn More (989) 632-1442
Overall satisfaction rating
  • Available in Lansing
  • 24/7 monitoring & support
  • As low as $25.95/mo
  • GPS mobile help

In-home systems start between $32.95 to $44.95 per month; mobile systems start between $37.95 and $44.95 per month. Upfront costs vary by equipment and package. Optional fall detection and lockboxes.

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How to choose a medical alert system in Lansing

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There are nearly 68,000 senior citizens in the Lansing Tri-County area, which means close to 15 percent of the area’s population could benefit from the security provided by medical alert systems. That number does not count others who might require aid from medical alert systems, including those who are disabled or have cognitive, developmental, intellectual and physical impairments.

When considering a medical alert system in Lansing, it’s important to determine your needs and which company will best fill them. These questions will help you determine which medical alert device is right for you.

  • Does the medical alert device require batteries, a phone line or a wireless internet connection? To keep costs low, it may be best to choose a system that uses connections currently available in the home.
  • Can the equipment be worn, or is it installed in the house? For people concerned with the prospect of falling, a device that can be kept on them at all times may be essential.
  • How large of an area will the medical alert system cover? Some will only work in the home while others may work on the go or while traveling.
  • Does the company offer a risk-free trial? You may want time to test the service’s reliability or reception in your area.

There are also different features offered by medical alert systems in Lansing, so it’s important to consider which ones best suit your situation. Fall detection alert may be more important for seniors with stairs in their homes or who are concerned by the potential of slipping during Lansing’s icy winters.

System type Description
Monitored systems These systems usually require a monthly charge but allow at-risk individuals to know they have a network watching out for them.
Unmonitored systems These systems generally only require a one-time fee and are not a part of a network or monitoring system. They are activated by pushing a button or fall detection.
Fall alert Fall alert detection will notify dispatchers when an individual falls and may be unable to call for needed assistance.
Dispatch Some medical alert systems call a loved one or caregiver while others call emergency services directly.
Reporting Some medical alert systems can report intruders and fires as well as medical emergencies.

Cost is an important consideration when shopping for medical alert systems in Lansing, especially for those on fixed incomes. It is crucial to pay close attention to pricing, as some companies may have hidden fees or costs that can rise. There may also be installation costs, cancellation fees or fall detection fees on top of monthly expenses. The AARP advises people never to trust used equipment that may be offered at a lower price.

To help keep your costs low, you may take advantage of discounts for veterans, membership organizations or AARP programs. Some companies may also provide sliding scale services for those with lower incomes or discounts for multiple people on the same plan.

Medical Alert Systems Reviews

Medical Guardian

Considered a favorite among many Lansing residents, this personalized system comes with a variety of options and plans intended to meet the needs of all customers. Medical Guardian also offers bonuses, discounts and seasonal promotions.

Medical Guardian Learn More (800) 863-6980

Medical Alert

Medical Alert is endorsed by several organizations and offers a variety of devices and services at a range of prices. Customers in Lansing love the simplicity of the devices, but some have said the company has billing issues and uses aggressive sales tactics.

Medical Alert Learn More (800) 800-9561


LifeFone is trusted by healthcare providers and hospitals nationwide. Basic packages are a great value by covering a spouse for free, free shipping and no activation or equipment fees. Fall detection is available for an extra charge. Online reviewers in Michigan report being pleased with the service and the functionality of equipment.

LifeFone Learn More (989) 625-1423

Philips Lifeline

Founded in 1974, Philips Lifeline has the largest subscriber base in the United States. Customizable programming is available for active seniors, homebound seniors and seniors with chronic conditions (called CareSage). CareSage uses predictive analytics so caregivers can take preventive action. In addition to at-home and on-the-go systems, Philips Lifeline offers medication dispensing tools, too.

Philips Lifeline


An excellent wireless option for those on lower budgets, LifeStation’s medical alert system offers a risk-free trial. Customer reviews have shown that LifeStation provides excellent customer service and is a favorite for Lansing residents, though some people found the device uncomfortable.

LifeStation Learn More