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Find the Best Plumbers in Lansing, MI

Finding a reliable plumber to service your home or business regularly can make all the difference in a plumbing emergency. We researched the best plumbers in Lansing to repair or maintain your pipes, pumps, drains and fixtures.

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Getting plumbers in Lansing

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With pipes freezing in our rough winters and systems in older homes that need to be upgraded or repaired, Lansing knows how to keep plumbers in business.

While all Lansing residents deal with brutal winter conditions, some neighborhoods have their own risks. Lansing has three rivers running through it: the Grand River, Red Cedar River and Sycamore Creek. Houses near these rivers or any other bodies of water heavily rely on sump pumps and are at risk of flooding if that system fails.

Other neighborhoods like Old Town, Northeast Lansing, Downtown and the Historic District all have a large number of older homes that may have failing or obsolete plumbing systems. If you live in an older home, be sure to ask any plumbing company you contact whether they have experience working on older plumbing systems.

The cost of plumbing repairs in Lansing

Many plumbers in Lansing charge hourly, but some charge fixed rates for certain types of repairs. Companies may also charge for travel time or add fees for emergency services. Be sure to ask about any fees or additional charges that will impact the total cost of your plumbing repair.

Type of repair Cost
Leaking/dripping faucets $45 - $150
Leaking pipes $150 - $300
Running toilets $140 - $300
Low water pressure $200 - $400
Clogged drains $100 - $200
Sump pump repair $300 - $700
Water heater repair $250 - $575

When comparing companies, make sure they are licensed and insured. The City of Lansing requires a permit if you are installing a water heater, but most repairs do not require a permit. Talk to your plumbing company to see what steps you may need to take before any work is done.

Plumbers Reviews


Roto-Rooter offers plumbing repair, drain cleaning and water cleanup service. It also provides preventative maintenance to help prevent future plumbing emergencies. Lansing customers give the company good reviews, saying its technicians are thorough and friendly.


Hedlund Plumbing

Hedlund Plumbing is a local, family-owned business that has been handling plumbing issues for Lansing residents for nearly 80 years. The company offers same-day service and seasonal discounts. Hedlund Plumbing has a pricing calculator on its website. Lansing residents appreciate the prompt, professional service and the company’s competitive pricing.

Hedlund Plumbing

Miteff Plumbing, LLC

Miteff Plumbing offers a full range of plumbing services to the Greater Lansing area. The company stands behind its work and products and strives to provide fast service to its customers. Most Lansing customers say the company was easy to work with and that its plumbers provided excellent quality work.

Miteff Plumbing, LLC